6. Responses

For every incoming request, Lona instantiates an object of the class lona.View and calls its handle_request() method to retrieve a lona.Response object.

In Lona, views can be "interactive" or "non-interactive". Interactive means that the browser and the view are connected via a WebSocket, so data can flow both ways, and non-interactive means the browser uses only simple HTTP to connect to a view.

All views in Lona are interactive by default, to make things like live-updates, and click events possible. Non-interactive views can be used to implement more traditional views, like JSON-APIs for example:

from lona import View, App, JsonResponse

app = App(__file__)

# this flag tells Lona to use this view non-interactive
@app.route('/json-data', interactive=False)
class JSONResponseView(View):
    def handle_request(self, request):
        return JsonResponse(
            {'foo': 'bar'},

if __name__ == '__main__':

Lona responses can be used for redirects, HTTP-redirects, to return JSON or binary data.

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