Lona has built-in, HTTP cookie based session system that provides user sessions without login. This makes personal daemonized views possible.

Settings: Session Settings

from lona import LonaView

class MyLonaView(LonaView):
    def handle_request(self, request):
        print(request.user)  # prints "<AnonymousUser(CUiUvxtCHxEMMobEqqqDeqtsjMyu)>"


If settings.SESSIONS is enabled, the middleware lona.middleware.sessions.SessionMiddleware checks if a cookie with the name specified in settings.SESSIONS_KEY_NAME is set. If not, the middleware generates a random key using settings.SESSIONS_KEY_GENERATOR, sets the cookie and triggers an HTTP reload to make the browser return with the newly set cookie.

When the session key is present, the middleware sets up a lona.middleware.sessions.AnonymousUser with the session key set in request.user.


The cookie setting and redirecting workflow is skipped on non-interactive views to make REST APIs work as expected