Writing A Lona Form

This example defines a simple view with one TextInput and two Button. One of the buttons lets the view print the current value of text_input, the other one resets the value of text_input to its initial value.

The browser CHANGE events get handled by lona.html.TextInput internally. To get notified when the value is changed set bubble_up to True.

from lona.html import HTML, TextInput, Button
from lona import LonaView

class MyLonaView(LonaView):
    def handle_request(self, request):
        initial_value = 'Test'

        # bubble_up is set to False by default and does not have to be
        # set explicitly
        text_input = TextInput(value=initial_value, bubble_up=False)

        html = HTML(
            Button('Print Value', _id='print-value'),
            Button('Reset Value', _id='reset-value'),

        while True:
            input_event = self.await_input_event()

            # this only works if bubble_up is set to True
            if input_event.name == 'change':
                print('text_input.value was changed to: ', text_input.value)

            if input_event.node_has_id('print-value'):
                print('text_input.value: ', text_input.value)

            elif input_event.node_has_id('reset-value'):
                text_input.value = initial_value